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Recipe Arroz Con Gandules

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Latin flavors with our exquisite Recipe of Arroz con Gandules. This iconic dish weaves together the vibrant heritage of Puerto Rican cuisine, bringing forth the irresistible blend of seasoned rice and tender pigeon peas. As you follow our step-by-step guide, you'll unlock the essence of this cherished recipe, infusing your kitchen with the enticing aromas and rich tastes that have delighted generations. Get ready to savor the magic of arroz con gandules in every spoonful!

arroz con gandules


  • 1 tbs olive oil

  • 1/2 cup Sofrito (recipe below)

  • 1/2 cup chopped cooked ham, or you can use pork pieces instead

  • 2 cup raw Jazmine rice (rinsed)

  • 4 cups water

  • 1 can of Gandules (pigeon peas) (drained and rinsed)

  • 1 can of salsa (tomato puree)

  • 1 pack of sazon con achiote

  • 1tsp salt

  • 1tsp oregano

  • 1tsp pepper

  • 1tbsp chicken bouillon


  • Get all the ingredients

  • Heat the olive oil in a caldero, if you don't have one use a pot of at least 6-quart, medium heat.

  • Add the Sofrito, the ham or pork, the salt, pepper, oregano, chicken bouillon and the sazon. Saute for at least 1 minute.

  • Add the rice, water and the gandules and mix all together.

  • Boil for at least 2-3 minutes

  • Cover, keep the heat in medium, cook for 15-20 minutes until water in dry.

  • After 15 minutes stir up, reduce the heat to low and cover for 15 min.

  • Rise should be now light and yummy, I mean fluffy.

  • Serve hot with a choice of meat or just a side salad on the side.


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