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Got Coffee?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

My Cup of Coffee

women drinking in a cup

Got Coffee? In the Latin-American coffee is a big thing. There are three major regions where coffee is produce; The Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Cuba); Brazil (largest producer since the mid-19th centuy); The Cordillera (an enclave of coffee zones from Mexico to Peru, Central America, and Colombia). No wonder we love coffee so much, it's like giving milk to kids as the 1st meal we just add coffee. I have not been in Cuba but I have some cuban friends that always talk about their "cortadito" and their "cafe cubano" which is even mentioned on TV shows by visitors in Miami. I grew up in a home where coffee was the regular and main breakfast of the day. I remember waking up in the morning and getting the newspaper and smelling the "greca" with the Yaucono coffee ready to be serve. My mom will get that coffee ready and serve with some crackers or fresh bread from the "colmado" . I don't know you but I miss the good old coffee time. I was given my 1st cup of coffee when I was a kid around 7 years old if not before but I can't remember.

In my home today I give my kids coffee, and my youngest even ask for it like there is no other options for me.

A lot people including myself needs coffee to function properly in the morning. If I don't get coffee in the morning I am grumpy, too tired or things just don't work my way.

Crackers with cheese and coffee

I went to Mexico and I remember their mornings also includes the coffee and some nice breakfast with egg and tortillas but again coffee was the main thing in the morning. Do you need coffee in the morning to start your day?

Do you need coffee every morning?

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